October 2020

Friends of the Towans Covid-19 guidelines

Government advice is that groups of no more than six people may meet outside to carry out an activity.

The key principle is to maintain social distancing – at least two metres, but ideally even more if possible.

Until further notice, the following measures apply to all Friends of the Towans events:

  • Volunteers must contact Ranger in advance to ensure correct numbers and to ensure sign-in is adequate for any possible future test and trace requirement
  • Volunteers must confirm that, to the best of their knowledge, they have not been in contact with anyone with Covid symptoms for the last 14 days
  • Volunteers must arrive in separate vehicles (unless part of a ‘bubble’)
  • Volunteers must avoid the usual bunching-up at the start, as well as at coffee and lunch breaks
  • Volunteers must bring their own gloves each time, labelled with their name, and not allow others to borrow – new gloves will be available if needed
  • Volunteers must select a tool for their sole use for the duration of the task. These will be cleaned afterwards by the leader
  • Volunteers must bring their own food and drink
  • Volunteers must work side by side, or back to back, avoid working face to face, and remember social distancing of minimum two metres apart
  • Hand sanitiser will be available and must be used before lunch and tea breaks
  • First Aid requirements must include disposable gloves, face mask, hand sanitiser

If any volunteer shows symptoms of Covid-19 soon after the task, they MUST contact the leader to enable test and trace to occur.